French Recipes

Easy to Prepare, Traditional Recipes for French Cooking

Were you always tempted by French cooking but found that a bit daunting? Here are some easy French recipes you and your guests will enjoy. We have selected traditional French recipes, simple and affordable. Click on one of the dishes below to jump to the full recipe description.

Your Favorites
French Favorites
Onion Soup
French Macaroons
French Toasts

First Courses
First Courses
French Onion Soup
Foie Gras
Oeufs Cocotte

French Entrees
Savory Crepes
Gratin Dauphinois
Tournedos Rossini
Tomates a la Provencale
Boudin Blanc

French Desserts
Sweet Crepes
Chocolate Mousse
Tarte Tatin
Tarte aux Poires et Amandes
Creme Brulée
Poires Belle Helene

Dressings and Sauces
French Dressings and Sauces
Creme Anglaise
Creme Patissiere

The Secrets of a Beautiful Table

The visual appearance of the table is as important as the taste of the dishes. Put a baguette, a pitcher of water, and a fresh fruit platter on the table for a traditional French ambiance. Add a candle or two for a cozy effect.
French Recipes

The Art of Matching Guests

a French meal is much more than a time to eat delicious food, it is an excuse for socializing and discussing. To make this moment more enjoyable, make sure you place your guests in an interesting way.

In which Order Should I Serve Dishes?

A typical French meal comes in a number of courses, from 3 for everyday meals to 7 or 8 courses for elaborate meals. Make sure you serve the first course, then the entree, then the cheese platter (although cheese is optional) and finally dessert (dessert comes after cheese).

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