French Macarons - Parisian Macarons, Made in France by Jean-Charles Meresse

Macarons are those incredible hard-on-the-outside/melting-on-the-inside cookies with beautiful colors and delicious fillings. Whether you like chocolate, coffee, pistachio, raspberry, lemon or vanilla, or more surprising flavors, we take pride in serving authentic, made-in-France macarons.

Here is a recent quote from one of our customers: "The macaroons came first. Extremely fresh, I felt like you made them and shipped same day. Such fast delivery, couldn't believe how yummy they are. Don't know how we missed these treats in Paris. Needless to say, my six were eaten in less than a day. My husband held out for 2 days. Will have to order 48 the next time. Thank you for these little treasures."

Our secret? Saveur du Jour makes fresh artisan macarons daily and express-ships them to you in a special packaging to guarantee the best quality. We also offer some of the best prices on the Internet, so go ahead, order your favorite flavors online, and treat yourself with those delicious cookies!

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More about Macarons Making and Shipping

What ingredients are used to make French Macarons?

Macarons are delicate meringue-like sandwich cookies with delicious fillings surrounded by crusty shells. The shells are made of almond powder, powdered sugar and egg whites. We only use selected almonds from France. Inside you will find a flavored ganache or a buttercream filling depending on the flavor. All our ingredients are carefully sourced and selected: our organic lemons are from Menton, France, our pistachios are from Sicily, our nougat is from Montelimar, France, our calissons are from Aix en Provence, France, our apricots are from Baux de Provence, France, our coffee beans are from Ethiopia, our vanilla beans from Madagascar etc. Our macarons are gluten-free, except for some flavors such as gingerbread.

Because macarons are delicate and fragile, we package them with great care in special boxes to avoid any damage during shipment.

The default shipping method for Macarons is FedEx express shipping from France. If you order macarons on a Monday or a Tuesday, you will usually get your macarons 3 days later. If you order on a Thursday, Friday or during a week end, your order will ship the following Monday and be delivered the following Wednesday or Thursday depending on where you are. There are no deliveries on Saturdays or Sundays.

Do Saveur du Jour Macarons ship worldwide?

Yes, our macarons ship to the US and worlwide. We also carry a large variety of gourmet cookies that ship worldwide. Feel free to check out our gourmet Cookies and Cakes selection to find out more.

Are Macarons easy to make?

Well, to be honest, macarons are not exactly the quick and easy type! But with a little time and practice, anyone should be able to bake those delicious melt-in-your mouth cookies. If you feel like baking your own macarons, check out this great article about macaron making.

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