French Pocket Washcloth - White
  • French Pocket Washcloth - White

French Pocket Washcloth - White

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A classic white French washcloth!

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Here is a very cool, practical French invention – the pocket washcloth. Not sure it was invented in France but French people love them!
Many people wash either their face or their body using a washcloth, but having a square piece of terrycloth can be cumbersome while washing, because it can flop all over the place. The French have simplified the art of cleansing by making their washcloths into a pocket that you insert your hand into, so you can conveniently apply face cleanser or shower gel and efficiently cleanse without all the bulk of a normal washcloth.

Dimensions: 6" x 8 " - 12.5 cm X 16.5 cm        100 % Cotton

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