Provence Calissons - Diamond box- Maffren Canteperdrix


The traditional dessert of Provence!


Provence Calissons - Diamond box- Maffren Canteperdrix

Calissons, a quintessential Provence treat, are a luxurious candy combining almond paste, melon and sugar, topped with a crunchy layer of royal icing. The texture is similar to marzipan but with a fruitier taste, usually melon-like (although maybe not for purists, there are also citrus variations). A Calisson is almond shaped, and usually associated with Aix-en-Provence.

This candy likely originated in Italy and was introduced in France around the 15th or 16th century along with the introduction of almonds as a crop. 

Net weight: 7.76 oz (220 g)

Located in the heart of Provence, Maffren Confiseur also known as Canteperdrix , founded by Daniel Maffren, has been manufacturing high-end sweets in Sisteron since 1945. They are famous for their calissons, nougats, almond paste, caramels, and other confectionery. 

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