Food - Dragees Avola Retro Tin
  • Food - Dragees Avola Retro Tin
  • Food - Dragees Avola Retro Tin

Dragees Avola Retro Tin - Braquier


The traditional party favors for weddings, baby showers and more in France!

We have the smaller tins in stock but if you wish to order this tin, let us know. We can also order them in white. 


These dragées are made with the prized Avola almonds from Sicily and coated with vanilla-flavored sugar. Avola almonds, grown in the town of Avola in Sicily, are famous for their fine taste, lack of bitterness, and their shape, which makes them particularly well suited for coating. These dragées are made by Braquier, in Verdun, which has been making them for over two centuries and has supplied everyone from Napoleon to General de Gaulle. Each dragée is about 0.1 oz. These tasty dragées are presented in a retro tin.

 Assorted colors: blue, white, yellow and orange.

 Net Weight: 14.1 oz (400 g)


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