French Pine Drops from La Vosgienne
  • French Pine Drops from La Vosgienne

French Pine Drops - La Vosgienne

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These hard candies from La Vosgienne have been a French favorite for decades. Their unique taste of Honey and Pine Sap gives them a soothing and refreshing touch.

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La Vosgienne Sap Pine Candy in Tin - From France.

La Vosgienne most famous hard candies are made with honey and essence of pine. They are a French classic, especially appreciated in the Winter season. Their old-fashioned tin represents the pine forest of the Vosges, a region in the north East of France. 

La Vosgienne has made traditional hard candies since the 1920's. Since their creation by a French pharmacist in 1927, their recipe has remained unchanged.

Weight:  2.1 oz (60g)     Product of France

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, honey, natural flavorings

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