Fruit Jellies "Aromatiques" - Pates de Fruits - Francois Doucet


Delicious aromatic fruits jellies from Provence!


Fruit Jellies "Aromatiques" - Pates de Fruits - Francois Doucet

Pâtes de fruits (fruit jellies) are a traditional delicacy often offered in the Holiday season. François Doucet pâtes de fruits are made traditionally with select fruits (mostly grown in Provence). Assortment of French fruit jellies cut in a square shape. 

Flavors: Apricot/Thyme, Pear/Star Anise, Raspberry/Basil, Strawberry/Mint and Honey/Lavender.

Francois Doucet confiseur started in 1969 in Oraison in Provence and is known for his high quality products made using traditional methods and the best ingredients. Most fruits and nuts come from orchards in Provence. 

Net Weight: 7.05 oz  (200 g)    20 pieces    Product of France

May contain traces of Nuts and Gluten


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