Lindt Pyreneens Chocolates - Dark
  • Lindt Pyreneens Chocolates - Dark

Pyreneens Chocolates - Dark - Lindt

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The famous Pyreneens Chocolates!    

We ship chocolates only to states where the temperature is under 75 F. Ships to the US only.

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Pyreneens Dark Chocolate Squares by Lindt     Ships to the US only

Lindt Pyreneens chocolates are famous for their special icy feeling and their delicious taste. These fine chocolates with a refreshing flavor are very popular in France, especially during the Christmas season. They will make the perfect gift for every chocolate lover!

30 pieces in a nice box.

Net Weight: 219 g (7.7 oz).  Product of France
These chocolates do not contain alcohol.
Keep refrigerated to amplify the refreshing effect.

More about Lindt: Lindt is one of the world leading manufacturers of premium chocolate. Founded in Switzerland in 1845, Lindt makes some amazing chocolate bites. Pyreneens are made according to a secret recipe, including on one site located in France.

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