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Candied Orange Truffles - Mathez

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Mouth-watering French truffles with candied orange pe

We ship chocolates only when the temperatures are under 75F.

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Candied Orange Truffles - Mathez

 We ship chocolates only when the temperatures are under 75F.

Discover in detail one of the most emblematic flavors from Mathez: “French Cacao truffle with candied orange peels”. A cocoa truffle sublimated by the inclusion of real pieces of carefully chosen oranges, which make it an exception.

Chocolat Mathez knows how to combine flavors, create alliances and satisfy the curiosity of the taste buds. With Mathez truffles, choose quality and originality to live a unique sensory experience.


A classic in their range of flavors, candied orange peel French cacao truffle is one of the five most popular traditional recipes in the range. Let yourself be transported by the bitterness of cocoa and the fruity and sweet flavors of candied orange peels. This tasty and delicately scented blend will perfectly accompany all your gourmet breaks. 

Net weight: 8.8 oz (250 g)     Product of France

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