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Barquette Strawberry Sponge Cakes by LU
  • Barquette Strawberry Sponge Cakes by LU

Barquette Cookies - Strawberry - LU - Clearance

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A delicious "little boat" filled with strawberry jam!

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La Barquette Cookies by LU - Strawberry     Clearance Best by date 5/31/22

La Barquette is a boat-shaped tartlet ("barquette" means "small boat" in French) with a creamy strawberry jam in the center and has been a French favorite among kids and adults alike for over 40 years. This soft cookie is one of LU’s landmark cookies.
The ultimate treat for kids - and grown-ups! 

Net weight: 4.2 oz (120 g) 
Contains 3 sealed freshness packs with 6 biscuits each, 18 cookies total.
No preservatives or artificial colorants. Contains 20% Strawberry

Other available flavors: Apricot

Did you know? LU was founded in Nantes, France, in 1846 by Jean-Romain Lefèvre. The name LU comes from Monsieur Lefèvre and his business-partner and wife, Mademoiselle Utile. Their initials were put together in 1897 to create the famous LU logo, which has remained the same ever since.

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