Welcome to Saveur du Jour, a French online store based in Santa Clara, California and Nice, France, that specializes in French products and French themed products. From French Gourmet Food like Charcuterie and Macarons, to Home Accessories like French table linens, our goal is to deliver those Flavors of France, from Paris or Provence to your home.

Please note most of our products are either made, imported or designed in France. But we also carry French themed products or products popular in France that are made elsewhere including the US. Our macarons and charcuterie are made in California by French chefs, and some products by French artists living in the US. 

We now offer vintage and antique products that can be French, European or from somewhere else including the US. We feel strongly about sustainability and we aim to give a new life to past treasures wherever they come from in the world and have a more sustainable fashion future. 

Saveur du Jour was created in 2008 by Veronique and now has a new owner Elisabeth. She is originally from Provence and lives in California where she started a French event “The French Fair” and the website www.flavorsoffrance.com.              

“With Saveur du Jour I strive to bring to the US all the savors, flavors and styles of France and allow you to shop online from the comfort of your home. 
Don't hesitate to contact me personally at 
elisabeth@saveurdujour.com. I will be pleased to answer your questions or comments.”

Bruno, who joined our team in 2018, will be glad to assist you. He has lived in California for several years, and is originally from Alsace in the East of France. He has now relocated to Nice on the French Riviera.
“I am passionate about this French store. I am dedicated to helping with your requests and needs, and making sure that you'll find that specific product from France.”
Feel free to contact Bruno directly at 
bruno@saveurdujour.com. He will be happy to answer your questions or comments.

                                                                       Elisabeth & Bruno 

 We focus on high-quality products that will help you bring that atmosphere from France in your home. We work with French stores and US distributors and businesses to bring the best products to you at the best price. Our gourmet food will do marvels as you try those French recipes. Most of our Home Accessories are designed in France and we offer a combination of chic Parisian products and authentic regional items, as well as French themed products not always made in France.

We also have a special focus on French gifts with gift wrapping, personal messages and extra care.
We offer fast shipping options in the US and the world so you can order French products online and get them quickly.

The Saveur du Jour team is devoted to your satisfaction. From product selection to shipping, our staff is sensitive about taste and harmony, and will prepare your packages with care and attention. You can send an email to the Saveur du Jour team by writing to info@saveurdujour.com