Candied Fruits Cake "A L'Anglaise" - Brossard


A French favorite for kids and grown-ups!


Candied Fruits Cake " A l'Anglaise" - Brossard

Who says fruitcake is just for the Holidays? 

Brossard cake "a l'anglaise" with candied cherries and raisins is a classic for afternoon snacks with tea or coffee, as a dessert after a meal or to take on a picnic. It is conveniently pre-sliced. 

Brossard has been making delicious cakes since the 1931.

Net weight: 14.11 oz (400 g)

Ingredients: wheat flour 16.9%, grapeseed oil, fresh eggs, candied cherries 11.8%, raisins 14.6 %, candied orange peel 4.9%, glycerol, glucoe-fructose syrup, sugar, potassium sorbate, citric acid, rum extract, salt, rasing agents, jellying agent, salt, cotton oil, natural orange flavoring, sulfur anhydride. May contains peanuts, nuts, milk and soy.


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