• Mini Choco BN Cookies - Strawberry

BN Mini Cookies - Strawberry


Mini BN Cookies - Strawberry flavor


French Mini BN Cookies by Biscuiterie Nantaise - Strawberry flavor

Choco BN fans, this is the smaller and fruity version of the famous French cookie. Kids love this layer of tasty French strawberry jam sandwiched between the crunchy biscuits. Those adorable smiley faced mini cookies are perfect for a snack on the go, or to put in a lunch box.

One pack contains 5 bags of 6 Mini BN Cookies, for a total of 30 cookies.

Net weight: 7.4 oz (210g)

Did you know? BN stands for Biscuiterie Nantaise, from the Biscuit manufacturer based in Nantes, France. The BN Biscuit is a type of cookie with a filling, for example chocolate, sandwiched between two biscuits, one side of which has a smiling face.

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