TWIZZ Gustave - Insulated Mug


TWIZZ in Paris! Gustave for Gustave Eiffel the architect of the famous Tour Eiffel!


The insulated and sealed TWIZZ lets you drink with or without a straw! The travel mug is made of a double insulated and airtight wall that allows it to be lightweight while being an insulated cup that keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature throughout the day. Stylish and innovative, the exclusive patented closing system will simplify your everyday life. A must have!

Color: black and white

Capacity: 0.35 l / 12 oz

Le seul mug isotherme qui passe au micro-ondes!
En résine et silicone, le TWIZZ 350mL passe au micro-ondes et vous permet de réchauffer votre boisson.


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