Fouta Towel - Blue/Grey Stripes

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A great choice if you are looking for a classy cotton throw/towel.

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Fouta Towel - Light Blue/Grey Stripes.  

This blue, red and Green fouta towel features beautiful stripes and hand-made fringed edges. A great choice if you are looking for a classy cotton throw.

This wonderful fouta can be  used as a decorative bed cover, a throw for a sofa, a large blanket for a picnic or a stylish Summer tablecloth. Take it to the beach and use it as an oversized towel, as the top side is smooth cotton fabric and the underside is terrycloth. 

100% cotton 

Dimensions:  72" x 40" (183 cm x 100 cm)  From France

Wash cold, separately, gentle cycle.
Colors may vary slightly.

French cotton throws, also known as fouta towels or simply foutas, are so in fashion in France right now! When outside, foutas can be used as a sarong, a picnic blanket or a beach towel. Inside, they will give a stylish look to your living room or your patio.

Fouta, foota or foutah? The original spelling is fouta, however that word is really pronounced "foota". So some shops have started promoting the foota spelling. Many people also use the "foutah" spelling, as a reference to their North African origin. Whichever way they are spelled, foutas will be a wonderful addition to your house!

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