Rose Meringues - Délice Glacé
  • Rose Meringues - Délice Glacé
  • Rose Meringues Cylindrical Box - Délice Glacé
  • Rose Meringues - Délice Glacé

Rose Meringues Box - Délice Glacé

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Melt in the mouth rose clouds! 

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Rose Meringues - Délice Glacé

Délice Glacé's rose meringues are hand crafted with real Bulgarian roses. Five of our rose meringues are packaged in a clear cylindrical box. Those crisp sweet snacks can be enjoyed on their own, with a finely brewed cup of tea or can be layered with yogurt or whipped cream and raspberries to create a unique dessert.

The rose meringues make great party or wedding favors! For a large order, please email us in advance.

All meringues are baked fresh each week. Please place your order no later than Tuesday and they will ship the following Monday. 

5 rose meringues per cylindrical gift box

Ingredients: Sugar, Cage free eggs, Cream of tartar, Natural Flavor.         Gluten free, Fat Free, Dairy free, No artificial flavors

Once opened meringues must be stored in an airtight container. They can be refreshed by placing them in a 200 F oven for 10 minutes, let them cool completely. 

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