Chocolate Meringues Box - Délice Glacé

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Melt in the mouth Chocolate Meringues in a Gift Carafe!

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Chocolate Meringue Carafe - Délice Glacé

Crunchy, gooey and crispy. This chocolate meringue is filled with real Guittard Chocolate. Meringues become crispy as they age. They are perfect at any time, with yogurt, as cake decoration, with a bowl of berries... the possibilities are endless!

All meringues are baked fresh each week. Please place your order no later than Tuesday and they will ship the following Monday. 

13/14 meringues per cylindrical gift box 

Ingredients: Sugar, Cage free egg whites, Cream of tartar, cocoa, treacle, spices, natural color.         Gluten free, Fat Free, Dairy free, No artificial flavors

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