French Mini Toasts - Brioche Pasquier

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These mini toasts are great to serve with drinks for an "apéritif" with friends.

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Brioche Pasquier Mini Toasts    

These mini toasts are crispy and light and pair well with any topping, try them with smoked salmon, paté, cheese... They are great to serve with drinks for an "apéritif"with friends.

Net weight: 2.8 oz . 36 mini toasts.                Product of France

More about Brioche Pasquier: When Gabriel Pasquier first opened his small village bakery in 1936, he used levain in his dough. The same technique was passed onto his sons who decided to continue using traditional levain to bake Brioche Pasquier products. Raising the dough this way is a more time consuming process compared to using modern yeast, but it provides a unique sourdough flavour and the products are then carefully baked using a similar process to the one used in 1936. Despite the years that have passed, Brioche Pasquier continues this tradition of using unique raising agent. Levain is the most natural way to raise dough and does not require any added sugar. It brings acidity to the dough that enables conservation without using preservatives

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