Belgian Flageolets - Roland
  • Belgian Flageolets - Roland
  • Belgian Green Flageolets - Roland

Belgian Green Flageolets - Roland

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Belgian Green Flageolets- Roland

The Roland Flageolets are precooked beans, light green in color, with no seasoning other than salt which you must drain and rinse off. You can add a little chicken broth along with carrot/celery/onion and a little garlic and a Toulouse sausage, served with some crusty bread.

This canned product is a very good stand-in and is a typical pantry item in all French kitchens. The usual Sunday dinner of roast lamb is not complete without flageolets cooked in the manner above (without the sausage!)

Net weight: 14.11 oz (400 g)         Imported from Belgium

Ingredients: Salsifies, Water, Salt.

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