Charcuterie Gourmet Gift Box

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The perfect gourmet gift for a French charcuterie lover! Great to take for a picnic!

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Charcuterie Gourmet Gift Box 

The Charcuterie Gift Boxes include Rougie Duck and Pork Pate a l'orange, Rougie Duck Rillettes, Fabrique Delices Old Fashioned Cornichons, Fabrique Delices Saucisson Sec (French Salami) and, Brioche Pasquier Mini-toasts. 

Choose from: Box 1  includes all of the above 

                         Box 2  includes all of the above and also a spreader knife with a wooden handle from La Cote Collection Maison. (color of the wood may vary)

Shelf life for Saucisson: Cured meat product 12 weeks unopened - Refrigerate after opening and eat within 10 to 14 days once opened.

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