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Paris Gift Tin Box - Assorted Candies

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A great and sweet Paris souvenir gift!

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Paris Gift Tin Box - Assorted Candies

Those tin boxes make a delightful sweet Paris souvenir gift! They features images of the Tour Eiffel or the Champs Elysees with the Arch of Triumph. They are filled with French favorite candies: Batna, Fruits Carambar, Caramel Carambar and, Michoko. 

Choose from 3 box designs: White Eiffel Tower tin, Green Eiffel Tower Tin or Blue Champs Elysees tin and 3 assortments: 

Box 1 : 2 Michokos, 2 Batnas, 2 Caramel Carambars and, 2 Fruit Carambars 

Box 2 : 2 Michokos, 2 Batnas, 4 Fruit Carambars 

Box 3 :  2 Michokos, 2 Batnas, 4 Caramel Carambars 

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