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Exotic Spices Gift Box "Peppered Berries" - Terre Exotique

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Discover exotic spices to give a unique taste to your recipes!

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Exotic Spices Gift Box "Peppered Berries" - Terre Exotique

A  gift box from Terre Exotique presenting a selection of berries used worldwide to preparehot, sweet, fruity or spicy dishes. 

This premium gift box contains 4 tins with exotic pepper berries. Passion Berry to use in with stir fried vegetables, beurre blanc sauce, and caramelized pear tart; Pink Berry with marinades, goat cheese, braised veal, and smoked salmon; Sil-timur Berry with roasted fish, rack of lamb, and fruit compote; lastly Chiloe Berry for seafood, grilled meats, stew, tartare, and raw fish with lemon. It also comes with a booklet in French "Voyages en Terres des Poivres" to learn about all the different peppers. 

Terre Exotique was founded by a Breton Erwann de Kerros, who traveled the world in search of culinary treasures. Terre Exotique offers a wide variety of gourmet foods and strive for high quality products and gastronomic creativity. 

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