MOSS on SNOW - Jade Pendant Necklace
  • MOSS on SNOW - Jade Pendant Necklace

Moss-in-Snow Jade Pendant & Maw Sit Sit Necklace

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A truly unique necklace!

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Moss-in-Snow Vintage Jade Pendant & Maw Sit Sit Necklace

This gorgeous one-of-a-kind statement necklace features a moss-in-snow Chinese vintage jade pendant with delicate carvings representing a dragon. Moss in snow is a rare and valuable jade highly sought after by collectors. The luscious dark green oval beads are another rare variety of jade called Maw Sit Sit. It is accented by 2 large antique Chinese silver dragon beads, sterling silver spacers and finished with a beautiful sterling silver toggle clasp.

Dimensions: Pendant 2.5" x 1.75" Necklace Length 18"

Moss-in-snow jade is found primarily in Myanmar (Burma). This rare and beautiful form of jade most typically features a snowy white backdrop flecked with specks, veins, or streaks of dark green jade. White jade is comprised of a magnesium-rich silicate called nephrite. The green of moss-in-snow jade is also typically nephrite jade.

Maw Sit Sit is a rare gem found only in one place in the world Northern Myanmar (Burma). The stone is a deep emerald green to bright neon or apple green color and can be mottled, veined, or striped with black or darker green.

If you are fortunate enough to purchase a piece of rare Maw Sit Sit, treat your Maw Sit Sit as you would turquoise; never put it in a steam, ionic or sonic cleaner; use only soap and water to clean it. Do not expose your stone to extreme temperature changes and be careful to store it away from harder stones that could scratch the surface.

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