Anis de Flavigny - Drops - Assorted Flavors

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These classic French mints were first made by the Benedictine monks of the abbey of Flavigny, in Burgundy since the Medieval ages. They are to this day a French favorite. 

Each candy is made in a dragee process starting with a single anise seed. Over a period of 15 days it is covered with successive coats of flavored sugar syrup. The finished candy is always called "Anis" by its makers, even when the flavor is either violet, rose, mint, jasmine, liquorice, or orange instead of anise.

Available flavors: Rose, Coffee, Violet, Lemon, Blackcurrant.

Enjoy their delicate flavors when they melt in our mouth. Only 4 calories per mint. 

Weight: 1.8 oz (50 g)  Product of France.

Ingredients: sugar, natural flavoring, green aniseed

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