Benedicta Burgundy Sauce

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The Benedicta Burgundy sauce ( Sauce Bourguignonne) is perfumed with a fondant of tomato sauce and Burgundy wine and can be used hot or cold for any beef recipe.

Bénédicta traces its roots to the early 20 th century, when Prosper Eeckman, the owner of a vinegar and oil company in the North of France, adopted this holy name, believing it would evoke the purity and quality of his products. At the beginning of the 60s, the company launched its line of sauces, which are today the most popular in France. The top brand in France for gourmet condiments is now available in the United States and has several sauces to appeal to American palates! 

Net Weight: 9.1 oz. (260 g)  Product of France

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