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Rocher Suchard Lait (24 pcs)
  • Rocher Suchard Lait (24 pcs)

Rocher Suchard Lait (24 pcs)

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Milk Chocolate Rocher by Suchard - 24 Pieces - Made in France.

French people love Rochers Suchard! This Rocher Suchard is made of milk ("lait" in French) chocolate praline and is covered with milk chocolate and crushed hazelnuts. Delicious and hard to resist...

Get this large box of 24 pieces and save!

24X 1.3 oz (37g).

Each piece is individually wrapped.

Did you know? The Suchard company was founded in 1825 by a Swiss citizen, Philippe Suchard. Nowdays, Suchard is a world famous chocolatier and Rocher Suchard is one of their leading products. Suchard makes tons and tons of Rochers each year. The group is now part of Kraft Foods.

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