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Mirabelle Jam by the Case - 6 Jars
  • Mirabelle Jam by the Case - 6 Jars

Mirabelle Jam - Bonne Maman

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Mirabelle Jam - Bonne Maman - Golden Plum Preserve.

Mirabelles, also known as Golden Plums, are a specialty of the French region of Lorraine, which has an ideal climate and soil composition for the cultivation of this fruit. They are known for being sweet and full of flavour, and are primarily used in jams and pies. This delicious Mirabelle jam is made the traditional way by Bonne Maman, a famous French preserve brand.

All natural. Excellent on toast like any jam, also great with fromage blanc, yogurt or ice cream!

Net weight: 13 oz (370 g)

Bonne Maman
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