Fouta Towels

French Foutas, Hand-Made Hammam Towels, Cotton Throws from France.

Foutas are nice bath towels or beach towels that are classier than your regular terry-cloth towel. In the last couple of years, foutas have also become the ultimate home decor accessory in the US and in France. Nicer than regular cotton throws, those wonderful Fouta towels will embellish your patio or illuminate your interior with their vivid Provence colors.

We source Saveur du Jour Foutas directly from a French designer to pass the best prices on the Internet to you. Compare at $39 elsewhere. And we offer several sizes, from regular to small to XXL. So go ahead, choose the best fouta for your interior or garden furniture or for the beach, order online and enjoy!

 Waffle Weave Fouta Towel - Striped Orange and White 
 Waffle Weave Fouta Towel - Striped Orange and White 
 $29.00  $19.90 
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Why are Foutas so in Fashion Right Now?

We started carrying fouta towels back in 2008 and we are seeing an ever-increasing number of customers order foutas online, with a real peak over the past few months. So what is this rage all about? The fact is that foutas are beautiful accessories that will embellish your home, plus they are so versatile. They are light, stylish, colorful and easy to combine with your interior. In your home, lay a fouta on your sofa, on a coffee table or on a bed to give your interior a new look. Or use our XXL fouta models as tablecloths or sofa covers. With their bright colors and simple patterns, these towels will instantly give your home a modern look and feel.

Although foutas are perfect for your interior, they will also brighten your patio or your garden furniture. Their vivid colors will look great by the pool. Fouta towels can also prove very useful when you go on a hike or a picnic. Grab a fouta or two in your backpack or basket and put them on the ground as you take a lunch break. Foutas are an easy way to create a nice space around you. Finally, you can bring a fouta at the beach, put it on the sand et voila! Here is an elegant beach towel that looks much better than your traditional terry-cloth towel.

More Information about Foutas

Foutas are made of 100% cotton: wash them cold, separately, and use a gentle cycle to keep colors vivid. Fouta towels can be put in the dryer and they dry quickly. The more you wash a Fouta, the softer and the more absorbent it gets. Foutas originate from North Africa where they are used as a ceremonial costume, and are sometimes referred to as Turkish hammam towels. Saveur du Jour is proud to offer a large variety of fouta towels at the best price and we look forward to your questions and comments. For more information, click fouta towels and learn more about foutas origin.

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