Provence Coated Breadbasket - Baux Olive Yellow

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A very popular gift from Provence!

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Provence Breadbasket - Baux Olives Yellow - Coated Cotton

Sturdy enough for every day use and charming enough for company,  the Olive Baux coated cotton breadbaskets are always sure to draw comments from friends and guests. Never worry about lining your breadbasket again! Untie the corners and the breadbasket flattens out, making for easy storage. Featuring a delicate olive pattern with a red colored background. 

They are 7.5” x 7.5” when the corners are  tied. They are cloth outside with plastic inserts so the sides and bottom are stiff.  They are 100% cotton with and acrylic finish which makes them virtually stain proof! Just wipe down after use!

This is one of our most popular gift items!  Imported from France.

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