Nonnettes from l'Abeille Diligente - Pack of 6

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Nonnettes from l'Abeille Diligente. Pack of 6

The origin of nonnette (the word means "little nun") dates back to the Middle Ages. It is a specialty of Dijon, in Burgundy. This delicious traditional cookie made of soft gingerbread (21% of honey) with a melt in the mouth orange jam filling is perfect for an afternoon snack. 

L'Abeille Diligente is a 5th generation family-owned producer of honey and honey-based products from the Burgundy region in France.

Weight: 7 oz - 200 g   Made in France

Ingredients: wheat flour, orange jam 26% (glucose-fructose syrup, orange 35%, sucrose, fruit pectin, citric acid, trisodium citrate), honey 21%, invert sugar syrup, sugar, sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, egg yolk, natural orange flavor. May contain traces of almond and milk.

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