French Gifts, Gourmet Food, Products from France

Wouldn’t you like to offer gifts with a French flavor to those special people in your life and spoil yourself with something special from France? Saveur du Jour delivers quality French products like Gourmet Food, delicious French Macaroons, French Beauty Products including creams and perfumes, authentic Paris Souvenirs, elegant Fouta Towels, and products from Provence. We even offer French Wedding Favors.

Saveur du Jour will wrap your gifts and include your personal messages as well.

French Products in the US

Haven’t you been longing for particular products from France because on your last visit you did not have time or luggage space to bring back much from France? That's where we come in!

Saveur du Jour does its best to source quality French products within the U.S. as well as in France to offer you the widest online choice of French Things and provide you with the most economical shipping options possible for products shipped to or within the United States, France, and the rest of the world.

Gourmet Gifts Online

Surprise your loved ones with a Gourmet Gift! Our gift ideas include authentic French Macaroons, flavorful Herbes de Provence and delicious Lavender Honey, all from France.

French calissons: The calisson, a flavorful confection of candied fruit and ground almonds, topped with a thin layer of icing, is said to have been created by the chef of René of Anjou, the last Count of the Provence region before it was incorporated in the French kingdom. To discover this wonderful French treat, see our range of French calissons selections.