• Choco BN Cookies - Strawberry

Choco BN Cookies - Strawberry

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French Chocos BN Cookies by Biscuiterie Nantaise - Strawberry Flavor

The chocolate version of Choco BN is famous around the world, but have you tried the strawberry version? More fruity than the chocolate version, it is also a nice alternative for children who have chocos BN everyday. They will love the happy face and the layer of delicious strawberry jam sandwiched between the biscuits!

One pack contains 16 Chocos BN.

Net weight: 10.6 oz (300g)

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Did you know? BN stands for Biscuiterie Nantaise, from the Biscuit manufacturer based in Nantes, France. The BN Biscuit is a type of cookie with a filling, for example strawberry, sandwiched between two biscuits, one side of which has a smiling face.

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