Savora French Mustard - 11 Spices & Aromatics

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Amora Dijon Mustard in Large Glass Jar (15.5 oz) - Imported from France.

Amora Mustard ("Moutarde Amora") is a French classic. People use this Amora Dijon mustard to make a French vinaigrette or to give additional flavor to a piece of meat. Amora is one of the leading mustard brands in France and has gained popularity throughout the world.

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Eco-friendly glass jar
Net weight: 15.5 oz (440g)

More about Dijon. Not only famous for mustard, the city of Dijon is the ancient capital of Burgundy. The city of Dijon offers interesting historical sites, cultural activities and fine restaurants. It was also the birth place of Gustave Eiffel, who built the Eiffel tower in Paris.

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