Fleur De Sel de Camargue
  • Fleur De Sel de Camargue

Fleur De Sel de Camargue

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Fleur De Sel de Camargue, hand raked and harvested in Camargue, France.

Fleur de Sel (literally, Salt Flower) is sea salt hand-raked and harvested in France. This Fleur de Sel is harvested in Camargue, a wonderful natural preserve by the Mediterranean Sea. The name Fleur De Sel comes from the scent of violets that develops when salt dries. Only the premium, top layer of the salt bed is used to make Fleur de Sel.

The container is closed with a cork and signed by the Saulnier (artisan raker) who raked it.

Net weight: 4.4 oz (125 g)

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