Teisseire Syrup - Grenadine

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Sirop Teisseire a la Grenadine - Red Berries Syrup from France.

Teisseire is a well-known brand for concentrated fruit syrups in France. This delicious Teisseire syrup (sirop a la Grenadine) makes 5 quarts of yummy cold drinks. The rule of thumb is to mix one part syrup to 7 parts water.

Sometimes called pomegranate syrup, this grenadine syrup is made from red fruit concentrates found in France: raspberry (framboise), elderberry (sureau), red currant (groseille) and blackcurrant (cassis). No artificial colors and no preservatives.

To serve, simply add water! Great for you and the whole family, especially kids!

600ml (20.3 fl oz)

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