French Macarons - Blue Box 12 count - Classic Collection

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If you want to get delicious French macaroons with unique flavors, order this set of 12 regular-sized delicious cookies!

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The Classic Assorted box: 12 pieces

If you want to get delicious French macaroons with traditional flavors, order this box of classic flavors. Our macaroons are made in California by an expert macaroon chef.  

Classic Assorted Box can include 1- Almond, 1- Birthday Cake, 1- Black & White, 1- Chocolate, 1- Earl Grey, 1- Fresh Strawberry, 1- Hawaiian Kona Coffee, 1-Mango, 1-Pistachio, 1-Raspberry, 1-Salted Caramel and 1-Vanilla Bean. 

*No Preservatives. May contain traces of Gluten, Soy and Peanuts.
*Keep refrigerated and eat within 48 hours after opening.

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Born in France, Chef Alex's professional training continued in Paris, France under Chef Pierre Hermé, where he studied the art of pâtisserie. From St Tropez, to Paris to Avignon, France, Chef Alexandre Trouan worked with the world’s top pâtissiers in his quest for the most exquisite pastries. We are proud to say that Chef Alex uses only the best products available on the market. He is doing everything from scratch, juice and zest from lemons and oranges, fruit purees using ripped fruits, roast pistachio and paste. They are making also their own food colorings from different spices herbs and vegetables. We are proud to say that they are the only Macaron company which does all products naturally. Which means, no preservative or chemicals color allowed. 


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