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Provence Perfume - Eau de Toilette Lavender

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Provence Perfume - Eau de Toilette Rose

French perfume is renowned around the world for its quality and prestige. This sweet and elegant Rose Eau de Toilette is ideal for every day use. The scent of French Rose is sensual and sweet. This Eau de Toilette smells wonderful and you will appreciate its longevity. Even one small spray is highly scented and lasts a long time

Provence is the birth place for French perfumes based on the abundance of herbs, lavender and many other wild flowers, plus hundreds of years of experience in distilling mixtures and creating scents.

This Fresh Eau de Toilette is made by Nicolosi Creations, a factory since 2015 in the South of France. They were given the Unesco label Haute Provence.

Made in Haute Provence
1.7 Fl.Oz (50 ml) glass bottle.

Other available fragrance: Lavender

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